Game Changer Tier

This is our advanced level tier. Below is some information on what typically goes into a video of this scale.


  • These videos are typically 2-3 day shoots with heavy pre-production and post-production needed. Pre-production often involves location scouting, casting talent, many rounds of scripting, out-sourcing additional crew members, high-level editing techniques, animation, and much more.
  • Location can be anywhere in the world.
  • There is typically multiple videos that will be produced within this budget; often an extended version and a short version. Total running time often falls between 2-7 minutes per video.


  • Political Campaigns 
  • Travel Documentaries 
  • Extensive Talking Head Videos
  • Extensive Scripted Commercials
  • Extensive Training Videos
  • TV Spots

*Note - For these types of videos we will always outsource specific crew from our large network of talented filmmakers. We understand that these types of projects will require more resources, and we love getting more people involved.

past game changer videos