"El Sueño" - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

As I was partying on a boat with my family and friends for my 30th birthday last year, I declared it to be the year "Be WiLd!" I jokingly said that in order to pull it off, I wanted to find a partner-in-crime (boyfriend) to do it with. In my drunken haze, I screamed, "I'm gonna find me my future husband!" and my loved ones lifted their glasses and cheersed to it! Little did we know I had already started messaging him and my life would be forever changed. 

Ever since I was little, I dreamed that my (future) significant other would whisk me away on a surprise vacation. Without telling Bryan this dream, he had planned a surprise week-long vacation to Mexico for my 31st birthday! 

Every single trip we take, we set our theme so we know exactly what we want and who we need to be in order to achieve it. It also helps us to capture the footage for our videos. For Mexico, we picked three each:

Relaxing. Fun. Radiating. Enlightening. Positive. Incredible.

We immediately fell in love with Mexico--the food, culture, people, beauty. Everyone we met was so nice, helpful, and fun.  We enjoyed waking up every morning to a table full of fruit and coffee, basking in the warmth of the sun while I read 3 books (I haven't done that in months!), swimming in the refreshing, Caribbean teal, transparent waters,  strolling through bustling 5th Ave's local shops, and hunting for our next favorite meal. 

For our most active day, we went to Tulum to see Mayan Ruins, Akumal to snorkel and capture the colorful fish and hungry sea turtles, and the cenote called, "El Sueno" (the dream) to explore the three-chambered caverns. One of our favorite moments is when we did a Mayan minute. In the last chamber of the cenote, our tour guide had us sit still with the lights off for one minute. Once we were sure he didn't swim away leaving us to die in there, we felt safe in the cool waters and enclosed darken sinkhole. Cenotes represented both life and death for the Mayans and it's also a place they went to have all the negativity washed away. Despite it being a rocky week for America, we created peaceful moments while staying informed. Some mornings I got up early to do yoga and some nights we stayed in and listened to the palm trees rustle while Bryan began to edit and I wrote, read, or slept.  The peace, comfort, and happiness we felt during the Mayan minute reminded us that we are thankful to have each other and we can continue this practice anytime we are feeling anxious.

After our Mayan Minute

After our Mayan Minute

We didn't want our trip to end but have confidence we will return soon. We even dreamed big of getting a place there someday.... 

Until next time! Salute!