Launch Party & "I Am Your..." Premiere

On January 20th, 2017, we had our official launch party and screening debut of our short film, "I Am Your... A Journey Through A Fading Past". Friends, family, colleagues, and clients gathered at Delancey Street Theatre in San Francisco to celebrate the big night. (We launched under the name Memory Catchers but have since rebranded to 88spire.)

About the film

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"I Am Your...A Journey Through A Fading Past" is a short travel film dedicated to preserving and capturing a granddaughter and grandmother's relationship. Veronica's grandmother, Amah, has been surviving with Alzheimer's disease for decades causing the memories, stories, and herself to fade away with time.

Veronica and Bryan were given the opportunity to visit Amah's birthplace and former home, Hong Kong. During their visit, they went back to the places from Amah's past--her home, school, father's workplace, and the island her grandparents lived on.

This film gracefully weaves through the past while intertwining with the present to create new memories that will last a lifetime. It leaves viewers touched, moved, and inspired to learn more about their own family history and pasts.

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What people are saying

This film is a beautiful reminder that in the stories of our family, we can find the wisdom to thrive in our own lives. Heartfelt and courageous. It brought tears to my eyes.
What strikes me about 88spire’s work is that their passion for the subject matter always shines through. They truly feel inspired to create, and that inspiration results in a creation that touches you both because of the emotional punchline of the subject matter and technical prowess of the execution.
This film exuded a spectrum of emotions- from love, joy, and nostalgia to grief, loss, and mourning. I felt compelled to cherish each day, but also to not fear the future because despite its ups and downs, there is hope in the immortality of our souls, and the life that is to come after our mortal bodies fade away.

At 88spire, we are very passionate about giving back, which is why we donated 100% of the proceeds from our launch party to the Alzheimer's Association. We surpassed our goal, and have raised over $3,600 to date!

If you would like to see the entire film, feel free to donate and/or join our team for next year’s Walk to end Alzheimer’s and we will send you the link! Just send us an email at

Shout out to the companies that donated their products and services for our raffle! OrigaudioCommodore Cruises & EventsWillmont FinancialHappy Everything CardsConscious Compass, STE Global, Woke AF, B2L Training, P3 Athletic & Physical Therapy, and Jentana.

Veronica’s Amah and Yeh Yeh being the first ones to preview the film.


In loving memory of Yeh Yeh