My Three Wishes - Italy


Ten years ago, I studied abroad in Rome. I had been dying to return but also wanted it to be special. The opportunity arose for Bryan and me to go and we didn't hesitate. The sixteen-day long trip consisted of many different locations all over Italy--Rome, Capri, Sorrento and Meta, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice and Burano. Since I lived in Roma, we stayed there the longest to visit my school, apartment, and favorite places. We stayed in an AirBnb because I wanted to feel like I was living there again. Nothing had changed, yet everything was different. It was fun to chase my past and show it to Bryan, but also a little emotional. I am no longer that junior in college who partied a lot and was too broke to eat at restaurants. I got to enjoy Roma (and Italy) this time in a totally different way and I loved it! We created a mini video for Instagram called, "La Mia Roma," since the full edit of our trip was going to take a lot more time to create.

We filmed every day, but one. For Bryan, filming and editing don't always feel like work. Especially when it's projects he's inspired to work on. I, on the other hand, was new to this and was hoping for a relaxing vacation in between shooting.  Chasing sunsets with bugs biting my legs, sweat dripping off my body, and a tummy rumbling didn't quite set a romantic sunset vibe. On this trip, we learned the lesson the hard way of the importance of setting boundaries and respecting those boundaries. Now, traveling internationally and working together is a lot easier for us.

When we were in Cinque Terre, we met this fun couple at the table next to us. They told us that they heard, "If you can look at the person on the plane ride home after a trip like this and you still like each other, you know they're a keeper." Our plane ride was rather bumpy on the way home but we definitely knew that we were going to last.

 We hope you enjoy our passion project, "My Three Wishes!" We put an insane amount of hours into making this video and it's still one of my favorite videos Bryan and I have made. If only we could find a way to spend our lives making videos like this...

We picked a song that made us feel like we were in Italy. We listened to the street performers to get a feel for their music and chose by finding songs that had those instruments. For the shooting technique, we focused a lot on whip pan transitions and match cuts. A whip pan transition is smoothly flicking the camera to the right, left, up, or down. The next cut we did would then have to match it directionally. For example, one shot ends on the left, and the following shot picks it up on the right moving to the left so it looks like one smooth movement and gives it a continuous feel. We also did a few hyperlapses as well as time lapses. A hyperlapse is a moving time lapse using photos, they take a lot of work, patience, and a steady hand. 

For more information on our favorite places about our trip and where we stayed, scroll down below.

Directed by: Bryan Fong & Veronica Chung
Filmed and Edited by: Bryan Fong
Written by: Veronica Chung
Colored by: Roman Medjanov

Filmed on: Sony a7sii & GoPro Hero 4 Black
Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, Tamron 17-50mm 2.8, and Canon 50mm 1.8
Edited on: Adobe Premiere CC
Colored on: DaVinci Resolve


  • AirBnB-Cozy Studio in Ancient Rome - Overall rating 3.5/5 for great location but no natural lighting and wasn't a fan of the shower layout.
  • Time spent: 3 days, but we booked it for 4 (flight issues)
  • Favorite Fancy Lunch: Life
  • Best location to capture sunrise: Parco del Gianicolo in Trastevere
  • Best location to chase sunset: Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Tea time break after shopping: Babingtons
  • Best place for a massage after too much walking: Nora Thai Spa - At first Bryan and I did a foot massage, but it was so good we asked for a full-body! 


  • Hotel Palatium Mari - good location, rooms rather small, overall 4/5.
  • Time spent there: 1 day = not enough time!
  • Favorite Restaurant: Ristorante "Giorgio al Cuccilo" - We recommend the gnocchi and caprese salad. Great location for romantic dinner with a sunset view!
  • Favorite place to buy custom made sandals: L'Arte del Sandalo Caprese di Antonio Viva
  • Best view on the island: Seggiovia Monte Solaro - Bryan and I brought our lunch up there and enjoyed a cold cafe while capturing a time-lapse. I've always dreamed of getting married way up there, but it would take guests about 7 modes of transportation to get there including the little one seated ski lift! 

Meta and Sorrento

  • AirBnB - Sea View Apartment "Capri" - Overall we'd rate it 4/5. The air conditioner was acting funky so the place felt more humid than it should've. But the location was amazing and right on the beach, free from tourists, just more of the local vibe. We loved it! A bit far from Sorrento though. 
  • Time spent there: 3 days (perfect amount)
  • Favorite Restaurant: il Verricello - This place is to die for. The only con was the menu was handwritten in Italian, but it didn't matter. We came here for 2/3 dinners in Meta. The people are super friendly, the view peaceful and romantic, and the food was the best we had during this trip. Also, if you're not staying in Meta, it's quite a trek, but worth it!
  • Best Pizza in Sorrento - Pizzeria Franco




  • AirBnb - Firenze Rentals Mini Suite - Overall 5/5! We wish we stayed more than one night here. Matteo was super helpful. We even had a place to do a little laundry. Would go back and stay there again. 
  • Time spent there: 1 day = not enough time
  • Busy place for the sunset shots: Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Tour Guide: Rick Steve's night tour
  • Paper stores I loved-
    • il Papiro for beautiful fans, stationary, and journals. They were very informative and helpful!
    • L'Arte dei Ciompi for unique gifts. We bought wooden magnets of il Duomo which were more unique than the regular tourist ones. I also loved their leather bound journals. I'm a sucker for stationary.

Vernazza (Cinque Terre)

  • Airbnb - Intressu Apartment- Overall we rate this 4.75/5! Perfect location, loved the kitchen and large bathroom. I loved going to the market downstairs and cooking for Bryan and I. He said it was the best pesto pasta of the trip!  It would've gotten a 5 if it had air conditioning. Would definitely stay here again!
  • Time spent there: 4 days = could've lived there
  • Favorite restaurant: Gianni Franzi
  • Favorite pizza: Batti Batti for focaccia pizza
  • Favorite Gelato: Gelateria il Porticciolo for their cannella and nocciola
  • Favorite cafe: Ananasso Bar - we ate there every morning for breakfast and a cappuccino. I loved their pie!
  • Best massage: Vernazza Massage and Reflexology - In order to go on our hike to Monterosso the next day, Bryan and I had to reset our bodies from all the traveling we had been doing. One hour with Kate and she reset our bodies for the rest of our trip. She was amazing
  • Favorite new perfume: "Tramonti" by Gocce di Byron - The hike from Vernazza to Monterosso was filled with fragrances of lemon, olives, and grapes. It was a heavenly smell and the entire time I told Bryan I wish I could bottle it up and take it home. Apparently, someone already thought of that. Tramonti is one of the five different scents that one can find on their journey through Cinque Terra by Gocce di Byron. Now every time I wear it, I'm whisked away to the lemon trees and vineyards. 
  • Sunset Spot: Castello Doria

Venice and Burano