Disneyland - Our First Travel Video

During the week of the 4th of July, Bryan and I went to Disneyland with my family about five months into dating. We brought our camera (Canon t2i) and iPhones deciding ahead of time that we wanted to make a short travel video. I was still recovering from a torn hamstring injury so Bryan lovingly pushed me around, using me as the camera operator and dolly for a lot of our shots. Between shooting and editing, we created our first travel video in just three days. We had taken turns filming, editing, and sharing ideas while learning how to work cooperatively together.

On our long drive home from Los Angeles to San Francisco, we came up with the idea for Memory Catchers, a travel video production company. It combines all the things we are most passionate about and best at. Bryan is an amazing editor, I have a gift for story-telling , and we both love to travel the world. We decided to experiment first before diving into something head on and slowly develop our company. 

We loved making this video because we realized that we're great at capturing the authentic feel of the event. We hope you enjoy it and this video inspires you to make your own travel vacation videos!