Catching Maui - Hawaii

Less than a month into dating, I asked Bryan if he wanted to go with me to Hawaii. A year before, I had bought a package for Maui in hopes that I'd use it to celebrate my 30th birthday and it was going to expire soon. Unfortunately, all my many girlfriends and family members were unable to attend with me. Regardless of having gone to Maui in January, Bryan said, "Yes, of course, let's do it!" Relieved I finally had someone to go with me and it happened to be my amazing new boyfriend, we booked our first out-of-state trip for the end of July. 

Before leaving for our vacation, Bryan upgraded his camera equipment to the Sony a7sii and added our GoPro Hero Black to the mix. We decided that this vacation, we were going to do a mix of resting, sightseeing, and capturing new memories with our new gear. I wanted to make sure we enjoyed my first time in paradise.

Our days were filled with sitting on the beach, parasailing, amazing meals, a luau, and some window shopping. Below are just some of our favorite spots. One of our highlights was that my little cousin happened to be there at the same time and so we got to take her to the Lahina Art Walk. Basically, all the art galleries are open with some artists from all over the world present to talk about their works. We even got to meet the animator from the "Life of Pi" but didn't know it until after he had left the gallery. 

For "Catching Maui," we focused on match cuts with continuous movement. What I mean by this is that in the first few shots, I wanted it to feel like you were walking to the beach so when we filmed, each shot was filmed walking forward. The same goes with the shots of the tunnel to the water. We also started to use more authentic sounding music for our videos. I wanted the music to match the location and when we heard this song on Music Bed, we knew it was close to perfect. My favorite things to film on this trip was the flame thrower at the luau and the parasailing experience which was a first for both of us. Including filming and editing, this video took us about eight days to create.

We hope this video gives you a taste of the magical paradise in Maui! Keep capturing your own memories and sharing them with others! #inspireothers