Origaudio - Hong Kong & Shenzhen

After watching "My Three Wishes," Origaudio wanted to create a travel video in Hong Kong that showcases how they make their products from start to finish. With over 40 products, Origaudio is all about creating quality products, inspiring adventure and creativity, being transparent and providing great work environments with the factories they choose. Co-founders, Jason Lucash (CEO) and Mike Szymczak (COO), are all about Making Awesome Happen. Most companies wouldn't dare to show you their factories, but Origaudio wanted to show they had nothing to hide. 

Origaudio's culture video we helped them make in December of 2016 in Huntington Beach, CA.

We met with Jason (CEO) and Suzi (Director of Marketing) in Hong Kong for a three-day filming adventure. We hit the ground running with a full day of running around Hong Kong capturing as much as we could. Then we wasted no time and jumped in a van that whisked away to Shenzhen, China. 


In Shenzhen, we visited 4 different factories that create Origaudio's awesome products while interviewing managers and watching products be made. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. We made sure to relax too in between filming because filming gorilla style for days can be exhausting. We even flew the drone (DJI Mavic Pro) at one of the factories which was pretty scary with so many people walking around and such a narrow flying space. When we finally wrapped in Shenzhen, we feasted with a traditional Chinese banquet with one of the factory owners and his family.

When we returned back to Hong Kong we made sure to celebrate at Ozone which is on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton. We celebrated with friends and made sure to go sing karaoke after. It was such a fun and amazing shoot. We were so happy we could create such an epic and inspiring video for Origaudio! It was such an honor working with Jason and Suzi and we are truly grateful for the opportunity.  It was on this trip that we realized where we wanted to go next with Memory Catchers and the companies we wanted to collaborate with. We want to work with companies out inspiring the world, setting the standard, taking a stance for sustainability, quality, and integrity, and those that are out there to make awesome happen.

Be sure to check out the final video below and shop Origaudio's amazing products! We have fallen in love with our Origaudio gear so much that we can't travel without it. We never leave home without the TenFour because it can recharge our phones 4-5 times! I've also used it to recharge my drone remote control when it was low. We also LOVE our Embarcadero and Mission packs for our various adventures. Veronica loves the Boxanne for her bath time relaxation or getting ready music! You can customize all of their products with your own logos, photos, or art. Go check them out now at www.promotionalspeakers.com!