With all the negative news in the world, we wanted to create a company that focuses on the inspirational activities people are creating. We originally started making videos in 2016 on our third date. It was three months later on a trip to Disneyland that we both knew we had the same creative ambitions. Our first year was spent filming all over the world- chasing sunsets, enjoying the talented local artists, hiking to famous monuments, enjoying some quality time with our loved ones (and each other), and of course, making unforgettable videos.

Over time, 88spire has evolved into what it is today. We now create content for companies of all sizes, helping them find creative ways to share their unique stories. We pride ourselves on our flexibility - whether handling a shoot/edit just the two of us, or producing a multi-city project where we pull talent from the local film-making community, our goal with all of our videos will, and always has been, to #inspireothers.